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While these parables are 2000 years old there are still fresh applications for our lives and the clever language used in both spoken word and song subconsciously brings those thoughts to the surface. Olwen has a pleasant vocal and between her and the producer they know how to put together a moving track… the addition of saxophones, cello and others into the mix really make this an album worth listening to.

Parables: 9.3/10
Rob Allright, One Man In The Middle

There are no prizes for guessing the theme to ‘The Prodigals Return.’ However, the warmth of Olwen’s vocals is a delight, over the music provided by whistles/flute, piano, and percussion. It’s one of those song that you can’t help yourself ‘swaying along’ to! …With quite a fruitful music ministry over the years, it plain to see what gifts she has. And, taking well-known parables, she engages the listener with her story-telling songs.

Parables: 8/10
Geoff Howlett, Never For Nothing

Olwen’s skill of expressing herself in a simple, universal style is as strong as ever. On “Belong To You” her voice soars effortlessly over a backing that includes strings that wouldn’t sound out of place on a James Bond movie soundtrack. Closing number “You Know My Name” builds from a beautifully sparse piano ballad to an epic full band work-out. A breathtaking finale to a record that could just be the finest of Olwen’s career so far.

Hardly A Day: 10/10
 Peter Timmis, Cross Rhythms


Olwen grew up in a musical family in Sussex, singing in choirs and playing violin in orchestras from an early age. She learned piano as a child and picked up a guitar when at university without any instruments. She started writing songs with a friend in the late 90’s and over the last 20 years or so has drawn from a variety of genres including folk, pop and jazz, with influences as varied as Kate Rusby, Sting, Brad Mehldau, Phatfish and Sarah Groves.

In 2004 she released her first album, Live at the Chapel Royal, followed by Daughter of the King in 2006 and the EP Hardly A Day in 2009, all of which were produced by renowned producer and pianist Mark Edwards, who has produced Stuart Townend, Kate Simmonds and many more artists, both Christian and secular. Daughter of The King and Hardly A Day both received 10/10 reviews from Cross Rhythms

In 2006, she had the privilege of supporting UK worship leader, Kate Simmonds on her final UK tour before moving to Australia. She has also performed at the Tearfund tent at New Wine and was featured on a compilation album released by Essential Christian in 2009.

After the release of Hardly a Day, she took a break from writing to focus on family, but continued to lead worship in her local church. She moved to South Wales in 2016 and began writing again in 2018. and returned with the EP Parables in 2022.


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Olwen leaning against a lamp post


All songs, including from the Album Live At The Chapel Royal, which isn’t currently available on most streaming platforms are available to listen to on Bandcamp